By Stella

When I was first asked to portray Antigone in the #ISTANDFOR project, I didn’t know much about her, other than she was a strong teenager who fought for what she believed in. After learning more about her story, I knew representing her in the video would be an enormous responsibility. I tried to imagine what Antigone must have gone through. I imagined what it would be like to lose a brother and have my own family turn against me. I realized how brave she really must have been to stand up for what she believed — even in the face of death — at such a young age.  

Climate change is one of my biggest concerns.  In high school I volunteered at NY Sun Works, a non-profit organization that builds science labs in New York City schools to teach kids hydroponic farming technology and the science of sustainability. As a teenager, I worry about the damage we have done to the environment and a future where there’s not enough clean drinking water.

I begin my first year of college in a few short weeks and am really looking forward to continue working to save our environment.  Now more than ever, I feel I can make a difference. Unlike Antigone, I know I don’t have to stand alone in this. I will find other young people like me, who share the same passion, and we can combine our efforts to create solutions to our global resource challenges.