By Nitika

I stand for love. I know you might be thinking, well, obviously everyone stands for love. But I’m not talking about the love that’s easy or accessible without effort or warms your heart the moment you think of someone you care deeply for. I’m talking about standing for love when it would be much easier to hold onto your pride, be aggressive, or stay silent. I’m talking about the love that we all need more of. The love where compassion is the foundation and equality is the only way.

I know for many of us, myself included, this kind of love is learned and not always automatic. But it’s the love that we all crave. It’s the love that calms us even when we’ve entered a dark place in our lives and it would be so easy to choose judgment and fear.

So if this kind of love is something you learn, how do you go about that? The truth is, you must start with yourself. The ability to love yourself is the only way to deeply love another human being. Understanding, appreciating, and truly accepting your own darkness will allow you to see that in others and know that there isn’t anything wrong with them. They’re human just like you.

I’ve always believed that small and simple actions everyday will lead you to a more fulfilling relationship with yourself. Things that you might think are insignificant like making the time to call someone you care about or feeding yourself nutritious food or even connecting to a more dedicated beauty routine. These are all ways to access more self-love when practiced with intention.

So the next time you rub against a moment where it would be so easy to choose something other than love, I invite you to stand for love instead. The more you stand for love, the more love the entire planet gets to experience. It starts with one person. Why not let that person be you?