#iSTANDfor: Empathy


By Colum McCann and Lisa Consiglio, co-founders of Narrative 4

Stories. They shoot your comfortable balance all to hell. They pry open your ribcage and twist your heart a notch backwards. They aim a punch at the back of your brain. They dolphin themselves out of nowhere. They delight us. They connect us. They manipulate us. They make the silence breathe. But most of all, stories can make the world a wider place: we become ALIVE in a body, a time, a feeling, a culture, an adventure not our own.

Ultimately, stories heal us and bring us right back to whom we always intended to be: that’s the essence of empathy.

We all know that food is a human right. Water. Education. Health care. A roof between the storm. But stories are a human right too. Because everything comes down to dignity. And the only thing more dignified than telling a story is LISTENING to one unfold. 

That’s what WE stand for. WE stand alongside YOU. Your story is my story. And mine is yours. Together we stand for turning empathy into action.