#iSTANDfor: Cultural access in brooklyn


By Katy Clark

I stand for cultural access in Brooklyn. Whether that means visiting the many arts organizations in the new Brooklyn Cultural District, taking a class, exploring the digital connections to the arts, or taking a child to her very first theater experience, it's a fertile time for arts involvement—well served in a vibrant, ever-evolving, and multi-cultural borough.  As Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) president, I'm excited about making the arts a part of more people’s lives and enriching our community through the arts. BAM and its cultural colleagues (nearly 60 in the Brooklyn Cultural District) are providing affordable tickets, free events, more programs for students and families, and opportunities for digital access to our stages and programs. The IDNYC program has also enabled many to experience NYC cultural organizations and is serving as a tool for cultural discovery.  The rewards of cultural access can be profound and life-changing—making them available is a mission I believe in.