#iSTANDfor: Acceptance not Tolerance


By Pierre

Some people think tolerating those who are different is enough. But it is not. We, the LGBT community want to be accepted for who we are by our family and friends. Being told to "keep it to yourself" or "tone it down" is not acceptable. Whether we are talking about in front of family, on the subway, or the streets of a small town, there is no place where you should be told not to hold hands or show affection with you same-sex partner.  We simply want to be treated the same as everyone else, and just because we may look, dress or act outside of gender conformity does not give anyone the right to treat us different. This does not mean we are forcing an agenda on you. This means we are refusing to hide who we are out of fear. Fear of not being accepted. People will say that they are just afraid that the world is cruel and that they are just concerned with our safety. Well we will not live our lives in fear, and neither should you! If you Accept things for what they are you are part of the problem. By standing up to hate and bigotry and accepting people for who they are we can change the world!