#iSTANDfor: Mental Health Awareness

By Noah Kinsey

For 11 years, I suffered from clinical depression.

And nobody knew. 

Not my friends, my family, my ex-wife, or any medical professional. Not anybody. I didn’t tell a soul until years after I had clawed my way out.

I didn’t want anyone to know. I was embarrassed and felt like if anyone knew they would treat me differently, feel sorry for me, or I would be a burden to those who would try to help. So I hid in plain sight; which is easy to do when you’re a professional storyteller.


By Luke Hunter

Wild places matter. They matter to all life (including humans- keep reading!) but they matter especially to big carnivores. Lions, tigers, polar bears, grizzlies and wolves require wilderness to survive. Unlike raccoons, rats or people, they cannot live in suburbia. Carnivores sit atop intricate food webs, the apex predator at the centre of innumerable complex interactions among uncountable creatures living in wild habitats. A billion grass plants nourish a million wildebeest that feed a couple thousand lions. Without a landscape sufficiently vast and wild enough to grow that much grass, you don’t get the lions.


By Masih Alinejad

Narges Mohammadi is a 44 year old mother of two. She is a human rights campaigner against the death penalty and compulsory hijab in Iran and has been sentenced to 16 years in prison and is currently fighting against execution.  On the palm of her hand she has written that hijab laws are violence against women and Iranians from all walks of life have flocked to social media and launched the #FreeNarges campaign to demand her release and protest the unjust sentence.  Please watch and share her story.